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Read the Comments of Others! | The Puzzle Boy

Read the Comments of Others!

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"The Puzzle Boy" written by Nancy Clayburn is a fascinating journey into reality that serves as a reminder of how fragile life can be.  When I began reading the book I could not put it down until finished.  "The Puzzle Boy" is a reflection of life as the Clayburn family knew it when their son was a normal baby and how chaotic and frantic it became  when a seizure came suddenly upon him one afternoon at a social gathering.    Author,  Nancy Clayburn is a kind, generous, loving Mother who seeks to improve the quality of life for her son Seth and her entire family and is dedicated to reaching out to help  others who are faced with "Autism" in their lives.  A GREAT BOOK!
Judith Parcel
Realtor & Friend

Read these incredible testimonies relating to the product, DMG!

My daughter is 5 years old and has been diagnosed with autism. She has
been on DMG for a year, and the results have been wonderful. When we started
her out on the DMG, she was a very frustrated little girl. She would scream and
yell at the top of her lungs. She would not let you touch her, she would not look
at your face, would not socialize with others, including her sister, uncles,
grandparents and myself. Her sleep patterns were outrageous. She would go to
bed at all hours and not sleep through the night. Her attention span was that of 3-
5 minutes at home and pre-school. If something were out of the ordinary, like her
schedule being disrupted, she would immediately begin to scream. This was so
very hard for her to adjust to. We started her out on 2 tablets of 125 milligram
DMG just to see if it made a difference, and the results were amazing. She began
to talk, pay attention, respond, play with her sister, and show affection towards
others. Her teachers said it was such a differences they thought she might be on
Ritalin. I was quick to inform them that it was NOT Ritalin! She is now taking 5
of the 125 milligram tablets daily, and is doing wonderfully. She is potty trained,
is pre-reading, spelling words, signing words, and playing with her sister. Her
emotional side has also come out. She is concerned when someone is hurt. And
is showing emotion when she misses someone. She is showing compassion for
others. Her sleep patterns have become regular. She is in bed at 8:00 pm and
sleeps till 6 or 7 am. When she has been thrown a curve ball in her schedule, she
does not act out as she use to. She seems to take it with a grain of salt. This is a
totally different child that I’ve dealt with this last year. The changes have all been
for the good. I can’t tell you how grateful we are for DMG. I just wish that
others might know of this to help their children.
Sincerely appreciative in Idaho
Hundreds of letters are written every year to my friend Dr Bernard Rimland at the
Autism Research Institute (ARI). These are a few of his letters on DMG:
Let me start by telling you that I am skeptical by nature. I am a practicing
attorney in Los Angeles. I do not believe in single-solution answers or magic
bullets to complex problems. However, I am also the father of a 3 ½-year old
autistic son. During my son’s short life I have never had a single meaningful,
one-word conversation with him, other than his definitive “no.” I could never
understand what, if anything, was going on inside his beautiful head. It has been
the most discouraging and frustrating event of my life. My wife and I started
Matthew on a regime of DMG a few days ago. As instructed by the literature, we
told no one we did this. We sent him off to preschool as always. Yesterday, I
received an “urgent” call from Matthew’s preschool director. I braced myself for
some type of terrible news. Instead, I learned that the director had approached
Mathew on the playground, where he was walking alone. She had asked
(knowing full well he would not answer), “ where are you going, Mathew?” I
heard her pause for a deep breath; then she told me, “ your son stopped, looked
me straight in the eye, and said, “I’m getting a towel for swimming.”
Of course, I could think of nothing else the rest of the day. When I got
home, I went directly to Matthew, to see if he could answer a simple question. I
asked, “Did you eat dinner?” He gave me that blank look I’ve come to know so
well. I asked again, “What did you have to eat?” This time, he looked at me and
said, “chicken” I asked, “Anything else?” He said “And grapes.”
Today my wife called from her car to say that she and Matthew were on
the freeway when they saw my office building. All of a sudden, and out of
nowhere, Matthew came to life and started saying “look, Daddy’s office. I want
to go see Daddy.” My wife said that she was near tears and had to pull onto the
shoulder of the highway to regain her control. Again, I’m not a believer in magic
bullets; I’m not sure what to make of this sudden change. We are doing nothing
differently except adding the daily dose of DMG.
I have been using DMG for our 16 year old daughter since she was 5.
Prior to that, her language skills were in the classically autistic range--echoalia,
virtually no original speech, and little functional communication. After three days
on DMG, she started getting the occasional pronouns correct. At ten days, she
said "yes" for the first time. For the next three months we saw daily progress in
her language skills. By nine months my daughter reversed pronouns only when
under stress.
During this time, she was not receiving speech therapy. My daughter
also seemed more settled, and her attention span improved. Her tolerance level
rose, and tantrums decreased.
When she was seven, a friend noticed that her son calmed down right after
being given a dose. She experimented -- carrying it with her and giving it to her
son in stressful situations. She found it very helpful. I tried that with my daughter
and found that a DMG could get her through situations she previously had not
been able to deal with. I could even give her one in the midst of an obsession or
tantrum, and have her come out of it in a minute or so. KR
A California psychiatrist and mother wrote Dr. Rimland the following letter:
“I am extremely excited by the news about my 23-year old autistic son,
Bruce, since he has been on DMG. Today is his ninth day on DMG, and his third
day on 375 mg/day. As you can imagine, we have tried every conceivable remedy
and method known to man for the last 23 years. Bruce has stopped yelling and
screaming and biting his arm. He is quiet (not listless) and seems happy and
contented. He no longer performs his maddening acts of preservation-the
ritualistic and compulsive rituals that consumed hours every day and drove us
crazy. On Sunday, he sat and watched the Super Bowl on TV. He has never
watched TV before in his life. Because of his many compulsive rituals, it used to
take him almost two hours to get dressed in the morning. Now he gets dressed in
five minutes. His eye contact has improved and he walks around with a happy
smile on his face.” Thousand Oak, CA
In December my husband and I began giving our son DMG. We had a “nothing left to lose” attitude. Matt was
four years and non-verbal for the most part.
Two to three weeks after starting DMG he began to babble, then use
jargon. Two months later, he began to make many word attempts. By June he
was speaking true words. He puts together about 50 or so two-word phrases. He
can write his alphabet, upper and lower case, and his numbers 0-30, and he
knows the quantity of numbers 1-10. He can spell his full name and his address,
and many other words, and can draw simple pictures, and is toilet trained.
When I tell people about DMG, they ask, “Do you really think DMG did all
this?” I reply that I think it really helped. It’s cheap, very easy to administer, and
it is a nutrient that can’t hurt. It may not work with your child but it’s worth a try.
A mother in NY
This is a letter written to Dr Rimland from a reverend that tried DMG on his grandson.
I will always be especially thankful to you for suggesting several years
ago that we try giving DMG to my grandson to help facilitate speech.
I was certain that he possessed receptive language skills and understood
spoken language, but that his efforts to respond orally came out “scrambled.” At
the time, he was learning manual sign language used by deaf and hearing
impaired children.
I remember well the evening of his third day on DMG. He was with me
watching television, and had just finished drinking a cup of juice. He had handed
me the empty cup and I was trying to decide where to put it, when he pointed to
the small table next to him and said, quite clearly, “put it there.” I was
absolutely stunned- and filled with joy beyond description. I went quickly to the
kitchen where I told my wife and our daughter (his mother) what had happened.
Needless to say, there were not convinced, and there was no repeat of this miracle
in their presence.
A few days later, however, in my daughter’s home, their doubt, too, was
removed. I was not present, but they both tell me how they were seated at the
supper table when my grandson got up from his place and went to my wife. “I’ll
be right back,” he said to her, then went to his mother and repeated, “I’ll be right
back,” and then left the room.
Since then, my grandson has received many other therapies. Today, his
language skills are very well developed and he is a very bright and pleasant boy.
I cannot prove scientifically that the DMG was solely responsible for unlocking
his ability to speak. But for those who have not tried DMG, I can only repeat
what you have told me: “It can do no harm, and may prove helpful.”
Bethesda, MD
In a letter to the Autism Research Institute (published in the Autism Research Review
International volume 6 number 1), a woman reported that DMG had a profound effect
on reducing her brother’s seizures and improving his verbal communication.
My brother has fragile X syndrome, mental retardation, and autism. He
has been plagued with seizures for many years, often having several minor motor
seizures a day. After leaving the hospital recently, he continued to have seizures.
He was still getting Phenobarbital, Mysoline, and Dilantin. I called the Autism
Research Institute (ARI) and found out about DMG. I immediately bought some
and sent it to his facility. They gave it to him. He has not had a single seizure
since. It has been over three weeks. Ever since my brother started taking the
DMG (125 mg two times a day), he has been talking a blue streak. He is talking
about a variety of subjects and is using more phrases and sentences. He even told
a nurse, “I told you no. N-O!” He has never spelled anything before. He is also
counting. He is happy as a lark. He is better able to control himself if something
upsets him. Menlo Park, CA
Our daughter has been a grand mal epileptic three years now- and has
been on Phenobarb since 2nd grade. She has continuous seizures that we have to
rush her into the hospital to stop with medical treatment. She also has a heart
valve problem, which complicates this. Our lives have not been normal or even
close since this started. Since Risa started taking DMG she has been having no
headaches, no blackouts, NO seizures, no problems with sleep and no leg
problems. It was almost like getting a new kid.
I also use it for myself to help with vascular migraines and it has helped
control them to where I don’t have them at all- and mine were crippling- when
they would start I couldn’t see, speak or move. Thank you THANK YOU and
Tukwila, WA

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with DMG on many
types of patients. I work with a lot of cancer patients on chemotherapy and
because this drastically suppresses their immune system, we can keep their
immune system functional and they can continue to finish their chemotherapy
treatment when they take DMG. I’ve seen great results in almost every category
of patients we’ve recommended DMG for with several different types of
autoimmune disorders. Dr. Fox in Gulfport, MS
Dr James Frackelton M.D. of Cleveland, Ohio was quoted as saying in the September
1988 article in Bestways magazine written by Morton Walker.
I was exposed to dimethylglycine a few years ago as a potential immune
system enhancer for my patients. At first I used it for those who had an immune
deficiency of some type: frequent infections, pneumonia, or other overall
decreases in immunity. I noticed a clear-cut reduction in such infections. My
patients experienced a marked improvement in their health histories. Now, for
those people who have more serious illnesses, for instance cancer, I include DMG
as one of the standard nutrient additions to their dietary programs. I don’t treat
cancer, but I do treat a lot of cancer patients. These people may still have their
cancer, but hey show much symptomatic improvement by taking DMG. It boosts
their immune system.
This is one of the testimonials I have received on DMG’s positive effects on cancer.
About a year ago, in March, I was diagnosed with a mass on the wall of
my colon. It was after visiting my doctor and complaining of a sensation of a
possible blockage that he sent me to have a colonoscopy. Thankfully, the tumor
was benign, but I was encouraged to have surgery to remove the tumor.
After refusing surgery, I decided to look toward an alternative method to
reduce the mass. I had been taking DMG, non-religiously, for about 2-3 years,
but I decided on the advice of a friend who had read of DMG’s anti-tumor
properties, to increase the dose to see what it could do for the mass in my colon.
For the next six months, I took from 4,000-6,000mg of DMG per day. I
continued to have monthly biopsies of the mass in my colon, and while they all
came back benign, the mass was still there. After three months of a respite from
the colonoscopies, I was hospitalized for what was later determined to be
bleeding stomach ulcers caused by the daily aspirin I had been taking.
I had another colonoscopy to rule out the mass in my colon as a cause for the
bleeding. The technician was extremely surprised when he could not find the
mass in my colon. In fact there didn’t even appear to be any scar tissue. Even
though the technician and my physician could not explain the reason for this
discovery, I knew that the disappearance of the mass was due to the DMG. I am
now 55 years old and I take about 1,500-2,000mg of DMG each day. WS in VT
By increasing mental alertness DMG can be a real lifesaver for times when you cannot
afford to not be at your best. Its anti-fatigue properties became really apparent to me on
an overseas trip.
I traveled to Indonesia a few years ago in which I was required to work
long hours giving lectures and traveling from city to city over a 10 day period. I
found that by taking from 1,200 to 1,500 mg of DMG daily throughout the day
that my energy levels remained high and I did not suffer from mental fatigue.
Sonja Baden of Vermont had a similar experience with DMG. She found that DMG
helped her with stress management and enhanced mental acuity at a time when it was
critical to her success.
DMG helped increase my mental alertness and helped with mental fatigue
throughout one of the most challenging times in my life. When working full time
all day and then going to a three hour night class, I could not afford to risk being
mentally fatigued at a time when my concentration was of most importance. I
found that by taking from 1,000 to 1,200 mg of DMG daily throughout the day
helped me stay focused and kept my energy level high.
Not only does DMG help me with my academics, but I also found it played an
important role in my athletic performance as well. I realized long ago the
importance of cardiovascular exercise and strength training to keep my body in
shape. With strength training I found DMG allowed me to work out longer and I
didn’t have as much muscle fatigue. But DMG also allowed me to start running,
which I had never done before, as I have asthma and have trouble keeping my
breathing normal. While using DMG I was able to start running two to three
miles per day and still breathe normally.
I attribute my success at getting through one of the most difficult times in my life
to DMG’s ability to increase my mental alertness, focus, and oxygen utilization.
DMG is also helpful for those going through menopause or who are under stress as a
single mother of three will testify too.
I am 48 years old and a single mother with three very active children. On
many occasions I have experienced the inability to remember the names, phone
number and/or events that need attending to involving my children. So, with
protest, I have been forced to write everything down and keeping track daily with
the schedules I have planned.
This condition had further escalated by the fact that I have also been
experiencing menopause. I often had difficulty focusing on the issues at hand and
many times found myself repeating and/or forgetting entirely the task I had set out
to do.
In January 2003, I was introduced to DMG. Presently, I find that my
memory has improved 100% as well as my ability to focus. I found myself being
able to multi-task and the concentration level is such that I know longer become
frustrated because of dates/times and events come to mind much quicker and with
much more clarity.
I have found that with this formula I am able to conduct my day-to-day
activities without the fear of forgetting important events. All is well with DMG…
Thank you. KEW in VT

In 1985 after reviewing the research that dealt with DMG’s ability to
reduce lactic acid after strenuous exercise, I got the idea that I would do a
personal test to see if DMG was effective in dealing with muscle cramps and
fatigue. The studies done by Meduski and Myer indicated that DMG has the
ability to neutralize lactic acid and it worked rather quickly. I decided to go out
running and purposefully run myself to exhaustion. After I had muscle spasms
and severe cramping, I took 5 of the 125 mg sublingual DMG. Within 5 minutes
the pain and cramping in my calves and thigh muscles was gone! I continued to
run 2 more miles without discomfort. I was convinced at that point that DMG
does provide a quick response, it does improve endurance, and it can reverse the
effects of lactic acid. I was living proof! Full of enthusiasm I delved even further
into DMG research to figure out what this thing called DMG was and how it
worked. Roger Kendall PhD
My daughter, Ashley Wilson, was diagnosed with a Ventricular Valve
Defect (VSD) at birth. Throughout her young life she developed into a superior
athlete. With the approval from Dr. Scott Yeager, her cardiologist, she was able
to participate in many sports, track, basketball and soccer at the varsity level.
But as time went on throughout her high school athletic career, she had complained about being tired, cramping in her legs and
at one point, experiencing pain in her chest. Of course, she was immediately seen by her physician and, after the appropriate
tests, was placed on a monitor for a month.
After evaluating her complaints with the test results, it was determined
that she was overexerting herself and with the added stress and growth, that the
pains were normal.
I was first introduced to the DMG in June of 2001. I immediately started
Ashley on the chewable 250mg per tablet with a dose of 250mg twice daily. She
was playing basketball twice a week, with practices on the off days. After about a
month, I increased the dosing to 250mg three times daily, 500mg being taken
prior to game/practice time and the additional 250mg after game/practice. We
saw excellent results in the areas of stamina during game/practice time and
unbelievable recovery time after.
Ashley has been able to play full games back to back during basketball
season. With her speed and stamina during track season Ashley was declared the
undisputed fastest Division I Champion for the last three years. On many
occasions, prior to the DMG introduction into her body, she had complained that
she was unable to catch her breath, muscle cramps in her shoulders and legs. It
has been a product that she herself has carried with her to college. Ashley
received a full athletic track scholarship to Northeastern University in Boston,
MA and continues to reap and promote the benefits of DMG to her fellow
Being an athlete myself, back in the day, I wish that I had had knowledge
of this product because I would have certainly benefited from its use. But rest
assure, I will continue to promote the extraordinary benefits of DMG and
continue to take it myself. KW in VT
DMG is especially effective in older athletes who may be beyond their prime.
Don Davidson wrote of his experience with DMG saying it gave him more staying
I am sixty years of age and have used Aangamik DMG, two 125 mg
tablets daily, for several years. I run at least three miles most days of the week
and use my performance in that activity to evaluate various supplements that I try.
None has made such an obvious difference as your DMG. Without it my pace is
slowed drastically, my heart beats too rapidly and I am breathing too hard when I
finish the three miles. When I have used DMG regularly for a few days my speed
increases just as dramatically, my heart never beats over 140 to 160 and I can
carry on an easy conversation while running, which is usually faster than the
majority of those 25 to 30 years my junior who run at the same track. I have also
had the same experience on the treadmill during my annual stress test (for
curiosity reasons). When I have been using DMG before going in they have a
hard time getting my heart rate up to the point where they can test it. Another
benefit I have noticed is that when I don’t use DMG my legs feel stiff and
weighted when I run. With DMG they feel light and loose and move freely like
when I was young. It makes running a great joy. Also, my resting pulse is
between 54 and 60 when I am using DMG. I don’t think that there is any
question, at least in my case, that DMG dramatically improves cellular

I have received several testimonials about DMG’s benefits with diabetes. Here
are a few examples.
One of my patients has recently improved dramatically on
dimethylglycine. This patient had a severe diabetic infection of the foot, which
cleared up after taking DMG. This really was a dramatic improvement and I am
interested in further research. Dr Jennings in GA.
As a diabetic I started taking DMG two months ago, at that time my sugar
count was 278. I recently visited my doctor for my monthly check up and my
sugar count was normal at 120. According to my doctor my urine and blood
pressure were also normal. My skin tone is better and I walk with greater ease.
This is the best my health has been in ten years. I attribute my better feeling and
health to DMG. RT in MI.
I would like to take a few moments to express my initial excitement about
DMG. We have been doing research at the Bluefield Clinic and in a small group
of patients we have seen significant finding in a rather short period of time.
These patients are diabetic, overweight, and have circulatory problems. The most
dramatic results to date were on a diabetic amputee, who was having circulatory
problems in the remaining leg. Her cholesterol was above 300, her triglycerides
were over 500, off the chart, alk. Phos (liver fraction) was also elevated. After 20
days, her cholesterol was within normal limits. Both pre and post DMG
laboratory work was done in a hospital and is on record. I am going to continue
with this clinical research and am very excited about what I am seeing with
DMG. Dr Bartholomew in VA.
Being an insulin dependent diabetic, I have had difficulty with circulation
in my toes and feet for some time. In July of 1997 I started taking 6 of the 125mg
sublingual DMG tablets a day. Within 2 weeks time my toes went from a light
purple to a pale pink color. As of today, I only take 3 or 4 tablets per day and
have full circulation in my toes and feet. JB in VT

I am a 41 year old male and a recovering chronic alcoholic salesman. I
went into a treatment center in September in Tacoma, WA for 6 weeks. A start but
not sufficient, I began drinking soon after my release. I entered still another
center in Montana in February for 28 days along with strong AA support. After
this center I remained sober, but apparently was lacking in real determination,
ambition and/or drive, my general state of well being was in a continuous up and
down cycle. Today? Well, thank God I’m still alive. I’ve taken my last drink. I
won’t give DMG all the credit, however. The gal beside me also shares the
spotlight. Thanks. RJ and JB in WA.
Our Doctor supplied us with several bottles of DMG in an effort to assist
my husband in controlling his alcoholism. He has been taking the DMG since the
end of April, and it is the beginning of June and he has already been able to cut
his consumption by 50%. Thank you. LT in MD